Streaming Free Bootleg Movies Online

In addition to the 36 channels of DIRECTV® and 100 channels of SiriusXM Radio® at your fingertips on every JetBlue flight take in new release films and unique content from JetBlueTV. You can browse for unlimited free hollywood and bollywood movies and watch online for free. Save your favorite theaters and movies to experience a customized Fandango just for you. Streaming lets you watch directly via the internet, whereas downloading involves copying the file to your computer or device first.

How to Stream Movies Online via Bootleg

However if you read The Art of the Avengers there is a timeline given for the first 6 movies. If you do not have the possibility to download your movies from the phone, you can always play them back on the device. To watch movies online on this site you not need to register because this site does not required signup you can watch free movies without registration.

Where you can watch: Hoopla content can be viewed on your PC in a browser, or on Android or iOS devices. You can just watch your Netflix movies and shows in your preferred browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) directly by logging into your account. Virgin TV Anywhere App or Newest Movies HD App: Only available with compatible device (selected iOS devices and Android mobiles and tablets).

You’ll need to subscribe to Netflix the usual way but remember you can try it for free for the first month. If you already have a T-box, selected laptop or tablet, or another compatible device, these can also be used to watch BigPond Movies. This remains as one of the best films in recent history and is important for people who love action movies.

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How to Root Droid 2

For those of you wondering why you would want to root the Droid 2, here’s some reasons why.

First, rooting your Droid 2 phone gives you “full” control over your phone, allowing you to install 3rd party programs such as Ubuntu linux or even free wifi tethering app.

Second, if you re-sell your Droid 2 later down the road, the value of your Droid 2 will be much higher.

So, let’s get on with this rooting process, it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

How to Root Droid 2!

1. Before we do anything, download Android SDK here and unzip it into a folder called “sdk” under your C:\ directory. (for Windows)

2. Download Droid2Root.rar and unzip it into your SDK/Tools directory as “droid2″.

3. Go to your phone, then browse to Settings->Applications->Development then make sure USB debugging is checked “on” as shown below:

4. Next, connect your Droid 2 your computer and select “PC Mode”.   Then, a screen should pop up saying if you want to install the Motorola Driver.  Say yes and install this Motorola driver also make sure to download GAPPS file and Google Services Framework Has Stopped.

5. After it installs, you can double-check that the drive has installed correctly by checking your Device Manager, Mot Composite ADB Interface should surface as shown below:

6. Next, let’s open up a command prompt window by typing “cmd” under search bar:

7. In the command prompt, browse to the SDK\Tools directory like this:

cd \sdk\tools

8. Then type “adb devices” and if your device shows up, we are ready to root the phone!

9. Next type each of the following lines and hit Enter:

adb push droid2\Superuser.apk /sdcard/Superuser.apk
adb push droid2\su /sdcard/su
adb push droid2\busybox /sdcard/busybox
adb push droid2\rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin /data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin

10. Let’s enter the Droid 2 shell:

adb shell

11. Then run the rooting file:
cd data/local/tmp
chmod 0755 rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin

12. After the last line, you can wait like a minute until you get back to the command prompt.

13. Type the following:
adb kill-server
adb devices
adb shell

14. Verify you have a # prompt instead of a $ sign here then type the following:
mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system
cp /sdcard/Superuser.apk /system/app/Superuser.apk
cp /sdcard/su /system/bin/su
cp /sdcard/busybox /system/bin/busybox
chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
chmod 4755 /system/bin/busybox
mount -o ro,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system

15. Next reboot your Droid 2.

16. After your Droid 2 reboots, enter the ADB shell again:
adb shell
17. Then type:
18. Immediately go to your phone and Superuser app should ask you so select “Allow”.

19. Enjoy, your Droid 2 now has been officially rooted!


All thanks goes to devs at XDA!

How to Install Free Wifi Tether on the Droid 2!


For those of you who want to enjoy free wifi tethering on your Droid 2, you can easily do this by installing the Android Wifi Tether app, which is an open-source app and free.

First, you will have to root your Droid 2.

Once your Droid 2 is rooted, simply go on your browser and google “Android wifi tether”, upon you will come to the Android Wifi Tether project page.

Download the latest version of the Android wifi tether.

If you get a blocked app message, you just need to unblock 3rd party apps.

Check the “Unknown sources” and open up the downloaded file again.

The super user permission app will ask you for permission, just hit okay.

Then start your wifi tethering app and you can also goto Settings->Logs to check if everything went well like below:

You might want to set a wifi encryption so other people can’t steal your wifi tethering bandwidth while you are at a public place.

I also advice using Channel 11 as it’s usually less clogged and probably better reception on your laptop.

One more thing, don’t abuse your free wifi tethering powers by doing something like Download TV Portal App or something.  The purpose of the free wifi tether is to allow you for light internet access in places where you don’t have internet.  If you do abuse it, Verizon will find out and might terminate your account so just use your common sense!