How to Install Free Wifi Tether on the Droid 2!

For those of you who want to enjoy free wifi tethering on your Droid 2, you can easily do this by installing the Android Wifi Tether app, which is an open-source app and free.

First, you will have to root your Droid 2.

Once your Droid 2 is rooted, simply go on your browser and google “Android wifi tether”, upon you will come to the Android Wifi Tether project page.

Download the latest version of the Android wifi tether.

If you get a blocked app message, you just need to unblock 3rd party apps.

Check the “Unknown sources” and open up the downloaded file again.

The super user permission app will ask you for permission, just hit okay.

Then start your wifi tethering app and you can also goto Settings->Logs to check if everything went well like below:

You might want to set a wifi encryption so other people can’t steal your wifi tethering bandwidth while you are at a public place.

I also advice using Channel 11 as it’s usually less clogged and probably better reception on your laptop.

One more thing, don’t abuse your free wifi tethering powers by doing something like Download TV Portal App or something.  The purpose of the free wifi tether is to allow you for light internet access in places where you don’t have internet.  If you do abuse it, Verizon will find out and might terminate your account so just use your common sense!

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